Practice Areas

s   Overseas Investment

Investigation on the Legal Environment of the Target Investment Jurisdiction

Due Diligence of Offshore Investment Project

Design of Transaction Structure

Transaction Documents Draft

Full Assistance in Commercial Negotiation

Consultation on Approval, Filing and Registration Procedure Involving Government Agency

Coordination of Third-party Agent in the Target Jurisdiction 

Resolution on Conflicts of Law in Different Jurisdictions

Consultation on Specialized Issue

Specialized Training about Law of the Target Jurisdiction

s   Foreign Direct Investment

Consultation on Industry Access policy in China

Establishment of Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise and Representative Office

Establishment of Sino-foreign Joint Venture Enterprise and Sino-foreign Cooperative Joint Venture

Establishment of Regional Headquarter for Multi-national Company

Establishment of Foreign Investment or Foreign Holding Company

Consultation on Foreign Exchange Control and Import/Export Control

Foreign-invested Enterprise

Reinvestment by Foreign-invested Enterprises

Consultation on Labor and Social Insurance

Taxation advice

s   International Trade

Import and Export Contract

Foreign Trade Agency Contract

Foreign and Domestic Debt Collection

Letters of Credit & Related Dispute Resolution

Trade Financing and Shipping Guarantee

Ship Leasing, Bill of Lading, Marine Fraud, Ship Detention, Shipment and Loading, Warehousing and Storage & Seizure of Goods 

Commodity Inspection, Foreign Exchange & Custom

Customs IP Protection

Trade Remedy (Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy, Safeguard, etc.)

s   Trans-national or Cross-border Bankruptcy Legal Affairs

Bankruptcy & Liquidation of Foreign-invested Enterprise

Bankruptcy & Liquidation of the Subsidiary and Branch of Multinational Company in China

Overseas Bankruptcy and Liquidation of Chinese Enterprise

Multi-national and Cross-border Investment and Financing

Multi-national and Cross-border Merger & Acquisition

Multi-national and Cross-border Listing (Initial Public Offerings, Issue of Enterprise Bond, etc.)

Multi-national and Cross-border Commercial Loan

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