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  • Senior Counsel
    international trade law, international investment law, and international financial law (including securities).
  • Associate
    construction and real estate, M & A, intellectual property law, and corporate affairs.
  • Senior Partner
    company law and construction and real estate.
  • Senior Counsel
    criminal law and tort law.
  • Senior Partner
    intellectual property, company, M & A, securities, and civil law affairs.
  • Associate
    administrative litigation, administrative reconsideration, and state compensation.
  • Partners
    company law, contract law, tort law,family law and dispute resolution.
  • Senior Partners
    family law, housing disputes, labor disputes, medical damages, criminal affairs.
  • Associate
    legal affairs on corporate, real estate, divorce, etc. and dispute or non-litigation of claims and debts.
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Zhao Nengwen


Senior Counsel

Practice Areas:

criminal law and tort law.

Graduated school: LL.D. of East China University of Political Science and Law
Tel: 021-52988789
Zhao Nengwen

Mr. Zhao Nengwen, senior consultant, LL.D. of East China University of Political Science and Law, lecturer of criminal law in law school, East China University of Political Science and Law, member of Criminal Law Research Center of East China University of Political Science and Law, has been a practice lawyer for 18 years and specializes in criminal defense, as well as dealing with properties and infringements involved in criminal cases.


Mr. Zhao has dealt with a plenty of criminal and infringement cases and been sophisticated in criminal defense, complicated criminal cases, and dealing with properties involve.


The classic cases that Mr. Zhao has handled are as follows: Shanghai Social Insurance Bribery Case, Bronze Statue of the Girl Calling on Huaihai Road of Shanghai theft Case, Intentional Homicide and Being Changed the Original Death Penalty to Stay Execution in the Second Instance Case, Company Chairmen of Board Suspected of Flight of Capital Contribution and Being Acquitted of Not Guilty Case, Heavy Penalty for Contract Fraud Being Withdrew in Second Instance Case, An Employee of a famous Internet Company Bribe-taking Case, Bribery of a Judicial Officer Being Exempted Criminal Penalty Case, Corporate and Related Individuals Suspected of Infringing Commercial Secret and Being Given Probation Case, Bribing District Secretary and Being Sentenced Probation Case, Criminal Gang Ringleader’s Gang Fight For Grabbing the Customer Resource Gambling in Macau Case, Contract Fraud With Huge Amount Involved and Being Sentenced To Six-Year Imprisonment Case, Judicial Staff Suspected of Bribery and Being Exempted From Criminal Punishment, Shanghai Recently Largest Scale Smuggling Goods Case, County Party Secretary Suspected of Corruption and Bribery Case, Mayor Bribe-taking Case, Environment Pollution Case of a Large-scale Herbicide Company, Representing the Victim’s Family In Promoting the Concerned Judicial Authority Investigating Its Employee For Embezzlement and Retrieving Financial Lost Case and Representing the Company in Promoting the Concerned Judicial Authority Investigation the Other Party For Contact Fraud and Retrieving Financial Lost Case, of which the Corruption and Embezzlement Cases have been publicly announce as typical and classic cases by the supreme court. In addition, his defense points of special surrender applying to corporate bribery has been accepted by judicial interpretation.

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