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  • Partner
    company law, contract law, real estate, intellectual property law
  • Associate
    marriage, inheritance, real property, and adjacent right dispute.
  • Senior partner
    company law, intellectual property, health and medical legal affairs, criminal law, construction and real estate, and dispute resolution.
  • Associate
    commercial contract risk management and private wealth risk control.
  • Associate
    company law, contract law, labor law, family law, tort law,etc.
  • Associate
    criminal defense, civil and commercial litigation, legal counsel, non-litigation.
  • Associate
    Contract disputes,Marriage and family,Labor disputes,Criminal defense,Economic dispute cases of the claims and debts.
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Wang Renjia



Practice Areas:

company law, contract law, real estate, intellectual property law

Graduated school: LL.B. of East China University of Political Science and Law, LL.M. of the University of Glasgow
Tel: 021-52988666-8009
Wang Renjia

Mr. Wang Renjia, partner, granted the LL.B. of East China University of Political Science and Law and the LL.M. of the University of Glasgow, is specializing on the legal fields of company law, contract law, real estate, intellectual property law, and other dispute settlement and non-litigation legal affairs on civil and commercial matters.


Mr. Wang has long provided perennial legal counsel services to corporate clients, including large state-owned enterprises, commercial squares, banking financial institutions, etc., to solve various legal matters, including corporate governance, investment and financing, contract disputes, infringement, labor and personnel disputes, etc., especially in litigation, arbitration and other areas of dispute resolution have a wealth of experience and trustworthy strength, effectively assist customers to reduce and control business risks and strive for the best interests.


Mr. Wang also processes an excellent understanding of the foreign elements within legal affairs, and makes English one of his working language. He provides both domestic and oversea clients with outstanding legal services in many fields including establishment of foreign Invested Enterprises, dispute resolving for international sales of goods and foreign-related marriage and family affairs, etc.


Mr. Wang is also a senior and well-known debate professional, has long held the East China University of Political Science and Law school team coach, Baihe debate League executive Director, Shanghai University Student Debate Competition consultant and other related social positions, and long-term participation in various international and domestic Chinese debate events organization and evaluation work.

In January 2019, Wang Zhingjia Lawyer was named the third (2016-2017-year) Outstanding young lawyer in Putuo district by the Chinese Communist Party Shanghai Putuo District Lawyer Industry Committee and Shanghai Bar Association Putuo lawyer Working Committee;

First prize of Shanghai Four District Public prosecutor and lawyer debate competition, the best debater;

The first prize of Shanghai Public Prosecutor and lawyer's team debate competition;

Youth Group Champion of the nineth session of the World Chinese Debate Championships.

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