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  • Associate
    international trade, international investment, intellectual property, and anti-trust law.
  • Senior partner
    trans-national & cross-border affairs, criminal law, and dispute resolution.
  • Partners
    legal affairs of corporate and commercial,dispute resolution
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Ma Qi


Senior partner

Practice Areas:

trans-national & cross-border affairs, criminal law, and dispute resolution.

Graduated school: LL.M. of East China University of Political Science and Law
Tel: 021-52988666
Ma Qi

Mr. Ma Qi, senior partner, member of China National Democratic Construction Association, graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law with the Bachelor’s Degree on Legal English, and the Master’s Degree on Civil Litigation. He is good at foreign related dispute resolution, and had passed CET-8 in 2005, which is the highest English level accepted by Chinese Government.


Mr. Ma knows about foreign related laws and regulations, and works on foreign related legal business for long time, including foreign related economic business and foreign related criminal matters. Mr. Ma works as legal counsel for many foreign invested corporations and is familiar with the Chinese laws and regulations regarding the daily operation of foreign invested companies. He is good at pointing out the legal risks in daily operation of such companies according to current laws and regulations, and provide the legal opinions to correct such risks. He can help companies to adjust the equity structure and internal management framework according to the law, and knows how to provide correct opinions regarding the labor relationships.


Mr. Ma had represented many large-scale State-Owned Enterprise and foreign invested corporations in tens of large and complicate litigations and achieved good results for the clients. He has long term co-operations with foreign law firms in many countries and represented many Chinese clients to provide legal opinions on the ground of Chinese regarding the investment/disputes in foreign countries. Also, He had represented many foreign related marriage disputes in China by using PRC law to protect the interests of foreign individual who are living in Shanghai, which had received very good results.

1.      Provide legal services for several criminal cases committed by foreigners in China;

2.      Provide legal services for several divorce and heritage litigations in relation to foreigners (either one party or both parties are foreigners) in China, and protected the legal rights of Clients by successfully adopting the jurisdiction of Chinese courts under Chinese laws and regulations;

3.      Providing legal services for several criminal cases in relation to insider dealing in stock market;

4.      Providing legal services for one OTC stock options related criminal case of one financial institute;

5.      Representing foreign financial leasing company in China to initiate several financial leasing litigations and the related compulsory enforcement procedure;

6.      Representing one financial institute to deal with several financial loan litigations.

7.      Dealing with several equity disputes with good results.

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