Date: 2018-10-25
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By: Ma He


Distinguished Dean of Pushi Partners, Mr. Li Xiangnong, my fellow colleagues, all our guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:


Good afternoon,


It is my great honor today to make a speech at the 10th anniversary of Pushi Partners. First of all, I would like to show my gratitude to the dean of Pushi Partners, Mr. Li Xiangnong. To a great extent, I join Pushi because of his charming personality. In my eyes, he is a great leader, who offers marvelous guidance to the law firm for its 10 years successful development. He is also a good friend, who really cares about your opinion and your feeling. I would like to say here “Thank you so much, Mr. Li”.


Ladies and gentlemen, when we talk about Pushi Partners, are you aware of its meaning? In Chinese, Pushi means “the world”, The World Partners, Wow, such an amazing name! For sure, with this name, our goal is to serve the whole world, not only within China, or with the developed countries that we have already had many connections and cooperation, but also with the developing countries, especially the Belt and Road Initiative Countries.


In fact, we are building our connections with at least Brazil and Nepal now. To take Nepal as an example, last month, I have been to Nepal to visit the best law school there and made a speech in English about the Chinese law. I have also visited a very famous law firm in Katmandu and discussed the possibility of our future cooperation. I am greatly impressed by Nepali’s hospitality, kindness, and their strong intent to know China and the Chinese Legal System. To me, they are not my potential clients, but my good friends.


I really cannot forget when I dressed up Nepali traditional costume and said Namaste, Mitusa, Donebad, and Bistarai Bistarai in Napali (which means hello, delicious, thank you very much, and slowly slowly) when I took lunch or dinner by using my right hand instead of chopsticks or forks, by dressing, talking and eating like a Nepali, how they opened their big eyes widely and then gave you a big hug. You would be accepted and treated even like one of their family members. No doubt, such contacts pave the way for our future cooperation.


Ladies and gentlemen, my Nepal trip shows that the world is much bigger than what we thought. Besides the west, we may encounter other cultures and civilizations like Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, etc. We must try to respect and understand them, even by such a kind of incarnation in order to provide them the best legal services. While, this is my story in Nepal. I am waiting for yours in China, in the Belt and Road Initiative countries, and in the whole world too.


Now, my beloved guests, my dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, to fulfill our great mission of providing the best legal services to all nations, let us step by step construct a super consulting platform, by which our clients may log in to get access to convenient and effective legal services. At the same time, through tracking, assisting local lawyers, our Chinese lawyers from Pushi Partners will protect the interests of foreign investors.


Through our services, there is no need to worry about the uncertainty of local investment policy, the obstacles of document application, the potential labor disputes, and the risks of cross border currency payment.


Ladies and Gentlemen, last but not the least, enjoy celebrating today the 10th anniversary of Pushi Partners and let’s speak loudly, Happy Birthday, Pushi Partners. We love you, and we wish you a healthy and wealthy future. Thank you very much.


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