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  • PUSHI Joined in the 30th Anniversary of the Disabled People’s Republic of China as Co-organizerOn the afternoon of May 17, 2018, the Disabled People's Dederation of Putuo District held the "30th anniversary of the founding of the disabled People’s Republic of China". PUSHI joined in this anniversary as co-organizer. Zhou Xiaoying, Xu Li, Yan Junwei, Xu Yuling, and Li Ruijie took part in this performance as volunteers. PUSH
    2018 - 05 - 18
  • Pedestrian Scramble Sprawled in Shanghai with the Help of PUSHIA pedestrian scramble, also known as scramble intersection and scramble corner (Canada), 'X' Crossing (UK), diagonal crossing (US), exclusive pedestrian interval, or Barnes Dance, is a type of traffic signal movement that temporarily stops all vehicular traffic, thereby allowing pedestrians to cross an intersection in every direction, including diagonally, at the same time.It was first used in Canada and the United States in the late 1940s, but it later fell out of favor with traffic engineers there, as it was seen as prioritizing flow of pedestrians over flow of car traffic. Its benefits for pedestrian amenity and safety have led to new examples being installed in many countries in recent years. Now, it is widely used ...
    2018 - 05 - 18
  • Zhang Zheng Attended the 14th Chinese High-end Forum on Fiscal and Tax LawOn March 10, 2018, the 14th Chinese High-end Forum on Fiscal and Tax Law was held by Chinese Seminar of Fiscal and Tax Law and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Kaiyuan School of Law. Zhang Zheng, partner of PUSHI, attended this forum and his paper A Comparative Perspective on the Tax Policies of Non-profit Organizations has been collected in the conference proceedings. PUSH
    2018 - 03 - 15
  • Stories behind the Article 32 of the New Shanghai Hukou PolicyFor years, people living in Shanghai have had troubles when it comes to sale of second-hand houses, for the enforcement of Hukou movement was neither in the coverage of civil cases nor the police management. Fortunately, however, the Article 32 of the New Shanghai Hukou Policy established a Hukou movement and the removal of the original registrant will be permitted by housing sales contract and ownership certificate.  Li Xiangnong, director of PUSH, submitted the proposal related in the 2017 Shanghai People’s Congress on behalf of the Municipal People’s Representative, which has put forward the Hukou mechanism progress. PUSH▲  Reports and comments the special report on the National People's Congress in Shangha...
    2018 - 03 - 14
  • PUSH Lawyer Awarded Model of Shanghai Municipal Judicial AdministrationOn February 12, 2018, Shanghai Municipal Judicial Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security honored Li Xiangnong, director of PUSH, Model of Shanghai Municipal Judicial Administration. PUSH
    2018 - 02 - 13
  • 2018: CREATE  On February 2, 2018, with the warm opening dance and 180 seconds review video, PUSH annual meeting was held in Courtyard by Marriott. We looked back on the harvest in 2017 and made good wishes for 2018. PUSH
    2018 - 02 - 06
  • PUSH Helps HR on Labor DisputeLiu Bin Invited to Lecture on Risk Control of Labor LawOn January 9, 2018, Liu Bin, partner of PUSH, was invited to lecture in HR salon on risk control of labor law by Lujiazui Talent Golden Port. For nearly ten years since the implementation of Labor Contract Law, labor dispute cases have been in a high state, and become one of the highest cases in civil disputes. Recently, Labor Contract Law is on the amendment plan of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Hence, it is a prime question for companies to handle labor disputes and control the risk related.Liu said that Labor Contract Law is the core rule for labor disputes, no matter it would be amended or not. And the first mission for HR is certainly to well understand the rules and r...
    2018 - 01 - 10
  • Lawyer + Public Welfare = ?Suggestions Written by Liu Bin Selected as Shanghai Excellent People’s Advice againOn January 5, 2018, Forum of People’s Advice Collection was held by Petition Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in Shanghai Construction Industry Building. During this forum, advice on AED first aid skill training given by Liu Bin, partner of PUSH, was selected as Shanghai Excellent People’s Advice. According to statistics, as of the end of November 2017, Petition Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has received a total of 25013 advices for all kinds of people. Among them, only 100 are recommended to be awarded as Shanghai Excellent People’s Advice. Liu’s advice was among them. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable electronic d...
    2018 - 01 - 08
  • Liu Bin and Tao Shucheng Pariticipated in International Volunteer Day ActivityOn December 5, 2017, the 32nd International Volunteer Day Activity was held in Changfeng Park by Changfeng New Village Street Office and Changfeng Park. Liu Bin and Tao Shucheng, attorneys of PUSH, participated in this activity and provided legal advice service to the public before information desk. The legal advice service was popular and long queues formed for it. According to the official news, over 20 government departments, companies, NGOs, and nearly 200 volunteers have this International Volunteer Day Activity, providing legal advice service, metro public security propaganda, environmental protection propaganda, tourism information consulting, library information consulting, household registratio...
    2017 - 12 - 06
  • PUSH·Change Scholarship Set up in East China University of Political Science and LawOn November 18, 2017, the Celebration of 65th Anniversary Birthday of East China University of Political Science and Law was held. During the Celebration, Li Xiangnong, class of 1988 alumni, donated 1 million yuan on behalf of PUSH. Part of the donation will be used to set up PUSH·Change Scholarship, helping students who are good at studying but meet with family financial difficulties. The other part of the donation will be used for campus debate. Meanwhile, Push Cup Debating Competition is in full swing. Both students who obtained the Scholarship and well performed in the Debating Competition will have an intern in PUSH. PUSH is committed to bringing innovation to legal services and hop...
    2017 - 11 - 27
  • PUSH Attorneys Lectures on Chinese Legal System for Oversea Students of East China University of Political Science and LawFrom October 25 to November 17, lawyers of PUSH Lectured on Chinese Legal System for oversea students of East China University of Political Science and Law. Li Xiangnong, Ma He, and Xu Hanou, attorneys of PUSH, well prepared this lecture. The lecture includes civil law, civil procedure law, arbitration system, business law, and commercial law. Li and Ma taught through complicated cases they experienced and got good reviews from the oversea students who come from more than 20 countries along Europe, North America, and the Belt and Road. The lecture was divided into 3 parts: On October 25, Li and Ma taught Chinese Civil Law, Civil Procedure Law and arbitration l...
    2017 - 11 - 27
  • Hu Xiande Interviewed by Shanghai Judicial BureauOn November 9, 2017, Hu Xiande, associate managing & senior partner of PUSH, was interviewed by Shanghai Judicial Bureau. The report related briefly introduced Hu’s work and highlighted Hu’s contribution to petition. Hu has engaged in the work of petition since 1999, hoping to contribute to society and the Chinese Government with his advantages as a lawyer. For 18 years, Hu represented numerous cases, which let him realize the importance of law in petition dispute resolution: lawyers take great responsibility to maintain social fairness and justice, and therefore, lawyers shall, as always, support and cooperate with relevant government departments to properly handle the issue of complaint reporting and contribute to the petition dis...
    2017 - 11 - 27
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