About Push

P&W Partners (“P&W”), is a comprehensive law firm established with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice in May, 2001. In May 2019, P&W established its branch office:  Shanghai P&W(Wenzhou)Law Firm, in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.


There are nearly 100 registered lawyers in P&W. Among them, there are nearly 20 lawyers with LL.D degree, and nearly 50 with LL.M. degree. And also of which, there is one member of municipal National People's Congress and one of district National People's Congress. Apart from this, there are several lawyers are the members of Specialized Committee of Shanghai Bar Association. Some lawyers are arbitrators of Shanghai Arbitration Commission (SAC) and Shanghai International Arbitration Center(SHIAC). Most of side-bar lawyers are professors and associate professors of East China University of Political Science and Law, and the elites of every legal professional field.


P&W possess a wealth of team with great intellectual agility and stress close cooperation among team---the underlying theory support of the expertise, scholars and lawyers in the concerned field; the practice guide of the lawyer with extensive experience; the excellent, timely and appropriate service provided by the lawyer with related professional knowledge background and practice experience. The 3 factors aforementioned form the core of our teamwork, which is the close integration of the theory and practice, and through which we strive for perfection in what we do.

Our concept

With the core spirit, Change from our service, P&W provide professional, efficient and qualified legal service for our client in all field including emerging area.

P&W dedicates to make contribution to the society, and meet clients’ needs.

P&W is aspired to serve the masses, resolving and reducing dispute by clarifying right adscription and discerning right from wrong.

P&W is sincere to serve and benefit the corporate and unity, maintaining the enterprise running smoothly and assisting on the mitigation of legal risk in daily operation.

P&W serves governments by helping them working lawfully.

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